Great review by IGN.COM of Clear Room by DC Comics. Kudos to Gail Simone and Walter Geovani!!

Clean Room is a scary book, that much we know. What makes this book so consistently unsettling is in how the book scares you, as Gail Simone’s horrors never come from the same place twice. Issue #17 is an excellent example of that uncertainty. While much of the read revolves around the horrific imagery and more obvious nastiness we’ve come to expect, Simone also manages to twist the book’s mundane moments into something anything but. For as fantastic as her story is, Simone is using very real fears, biases and judgments as the embers of her flame, the resulting tension getting more and more palpable as the issue progresses. That level of nuance is expertly translated by Walter Geovani, who instills as much dread in a budding mob as he does an otherworldly monster. As psychologically harrowing as it is visually engrossing, this series has really hit its stride. -Jeff

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